Digital signage is embraced for four main reasons:

  • Engagement

    Digital Signage transforms the way you reach your current and prospective customers. It facilitates the transition from the dull static traditional printed signs, to dynamic, attractive, and interactive signs. A well managed digital sign with the right content is hard to overlook. It’s not a surprise that the most visited location in the world is Times Square; the home of digital signs.
    Digital signs allow you to play not only images, but video and audio content. This allows you to engage customers at a superior level that is impossible to achieve with traditional printed signs.
    Now, imagine having 200 different types of products, it’s impossible to display them all on a printed sign. But you can do it easily with a digital sign!

  • Cost

    Traditional signs are not only expensive to print, but they also require labor and time to install and change. With a digital sign, you only install once, and drive content to the display as often as you’d like.
    Question: How many times have you noticed a mistake in your sign after it has been printed? Save time and money, and go digital.

  • Flexibility

    This is where digital signage excels the most. Digital Signage Cloud Platforms allows for central management making it much simpler and faster to manage a network of displays anywhere around the globe, from any location where internet is available.
    Push content almost immediately to your displays. There’s no need to wait days or weeks to have your signs printed, delivered and installed.
    Express yourself and your brand. Digital signs allow for different types of media content. Pick the ones that represents your brand the best. Your creativity can truly be unleashed!
    Experiment with deals and discounts. With a digital sign you can setup your pricing campaigns, adjust them as you wish to be able to measure impact.
    Found a spelling mistake after your media has been pushed to the screen? No worries, fix it on the fly… There’s no need to re-print.

  • Green

    That’s right, NO trees were ever harmed in making a digital sign.