The Basics: Safe & Secure Passwords

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Everyone and every company will eventually get hacked. It’s not even a question of “will we get hacked?”, but rather, “when will we get hacked?”
In 2016, some of the big name companies we trust experienced security breaches. Companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo and e-Harmony were hacked.
You are probably wondering why security breaches are on the rise. Well it’s simple, really.

It’s not a question of “will we get hacked?” But rather “when will we get hacked?”

Password cracking algorithms are getting better while our passwords are getting weaker!
Don’t make it easy for the hackers to hack your account. There are many measures you can take to make your account more secure. The simplest and easiest measure is your password… Here is what you can do:

Long password – 8 or more characters long

Include numbers and special characters (i.e. #, $, %, etc…)

Include uppercase and lowercase characters

Don’t forget to change your password often enough; every 30-90 days.

You may also consider using a password manager such as 1Password or LastPass – to auto-generate and store your passwords safely.

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