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Setting up a digital sign should not be a mystery. There are only three main components to setting up any digital sign:


  • Display Device

    The device that will show your signs. It can be a TV, Monitor, Tablet or a Projector.

  • Mounting Hardware

    Will the display device be mounted to a wall, ceiling or as part of an existing fixture? Make sure that the mounting hardware you’re going to use is sufficient enough to support the weight of your display device.

  • Power

    Your digital sign needs electricity to run.

  • Network Connection

    Wired or wireless. Publishing your media content to the screen will be transferred via this connection. Cloudpixle recommends the use of wired connection if you are going to utilize streaming videos from youtube or any similar service.


The images, PowerPoint presentations and Videos you want to publish on your digital sign. The internet is full of media content that can be edited and customized for your use, just make sure you follow the copyright guidelines for the media you use. Check out, it is an online image repository.

Management Application

That is the application you will use to drive and schedule contents to display on your digital sign. Cloud-based platforms such as provide the best solution since they will allow you to manage your sign(s) from anywhere.