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We want to start by saying THANK YOU.  Without you we wouldn’t have been able to get it done.  It’s a huge step and we were able to pull it all together successfully.  It took thousands of hours, sweat and even tears to get it done.  Again,  Thank you… You are the cornerstone and the main reason why we succeeded in doing it.  Oh, and we’re pretty sure you’re asking what “It” is?

How silly of us, “IT” is our newly released update.

Based on your comments, and ALL of your suggestions, as well as reported bugs and the frustrations you have expressed to us. Based on all of that info, we were able to make 2 lists, one is for the bugs which needed to be addressed immediately, as well as some of the new features we needed to build for you right away. The other list was for future features to work on next. Thank you for keeping us busy; we love it.

On April 30th we deployed the updates… It’s been a little over a week and we are pleased to see your positive feedback and encouragement are the fuel that keeps us moving forward.

Here’s what’s new:

CloudPixel Lite

A minimalistic view with all the features and functions you need to run a small account consisting of a single display and a single slideshow. This makes us super excited, and let us tell you why. Lite makes it possible for everyone to install a personal digital sign at home. We placed one in the kitchen and now we have a calendar on the screen, as well as our local news, weather and best of all, all the pictures captured on our phone.

Image Editor

Check out the online image editor available to Lite account users. Super fast and easy to use.

Google Login

To simplify sign ups and the login process we have enabled Google authentication (oauth). Facebook and LinkedIn authentications will be next.

Fade-in-out Transitions

The new player has a smoother fade-in fade-out effect between the slides. It just looks better.

Screens Status and Notifications

Ever wonder if your screens(s) are online and running as expected. Now you can find out easily. All displays now show a green status indicator if they are online online, and a red indicator if they go offline. But not only that, users with PLUS accounts can enable email notifications to be informed if a display goes offline.

Measure User Engagement

This new feature will allow you to track user interaction with your touchscreen displays. How many times the touchscreen (kiosk) was used and for how long.

Widget beta

Widgets beta – extend functionality through widgets. Here’s a sample list:

  • Display current time & world clock
  • Youtube
  • Stock Market Updates
  • AND a lot more to come…
What’s Next?

We’re currently working on a list of technical enhancements as well as a few new features. Let us know if there’s a feature you would like to see.

The next major release is scheduled for August 2017.

What If You Need Help?

That’s the easy part. Whether you are trying to setup a new account, a new display or have a tech issue… Just let us know. You can reach us by:

And from all of us at CloudPixel, thank you!

If you like this post, share it with your friends and colleagues via email or on social media, and you’ll have our sincerest gratitude!

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