A Channel lets you package your media content and make it available publicly to everyone through your own branded mobile app or desktop application. It’s your own TV channel that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Uses & Applications

As with any other revolutionary idea comes creative thinking. A community in New York City was looking for a cost effective way to broadcast television programming to a community of 200 families . The cost associated with broadcasting the programming through the local cable companies was very prohibitive and the process was very complicated. With CloudPixel Subscriber Channels this same community is now able to enjoy the programming directly on the TV using an Android PC and via a phone app.


If you are a producer, with CloudPixel’s Subscriber Channels service you can easily broadcast content where your products or services are offered. To better engage the consumers and stay connected.

Imagine being able to let your customers know more about your products and keep them informed about upcoming events, easily.


See it in action

Our Gym Motivation app is a great example of what a channel is. This app is available now for devices running Android OS. It plays motivational videos as an alternative to bad GYM music.

This application utilizes CloudPixel’s existing infrastructure.
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