Spooky Digital Signs

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It’s that spooky, creepy season again. Halloween is here.

Witches, ghosts and skeletons are not the only scary creatures this season…
There’re also scary digital signs. But fear them not, as we are here to help you switch to CloudPixel…

The following are actual pictures that we shot in 2016 of some of the scariest digital sign failures we came across. There’re a few more, but they are in a scary place somewhere on an abandoned hard drive in a box under the bed; where monsters live.
Application error message on the screen of a New York City’s Cab.
The blue screen of death
Can you see the logo’s reflection on the screen?
It’s bad enough that you are still running a digital sign on a Windows XP desktop…
But it’s a lot worse when your digital sign application does not start automatically after restarting the PC.
I’m not sure what’s worse
Running form a DVD player
Or forgetting to turn on the TV?
Never the less it can be much worse. It can be NOT DIGITAL

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