Save the trees and Bandwidth too!

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Congratulations on your decision to save the trees by adapting a digital signage solution!

Many organizations find themselves spending a lot less on signs, but spending a lot more on internet bandwidth to be able to support their digital signage network. For a retailer with many locations that cost can add up quickly.

Until NOW..

CloudPixel’s platform is bandwidth friendly. Both of our new players, Windows and Android, are designed to to use less bandwidth without skimping on the quality of the content. Here are three examples of how our players accomplish this:

  • Each media file is downloaded only once. The file is then cached and played directly from the device.
  • CloudPixel players auto-discover each other on a local network. If media files are used on more than one player, the players follow a smart algorithm which allows them to share the files locally without attempting to download them from the internet again.
  • Media files can be saved on the player’s local storage for 30 days to be reused if needed.