Running CloudPixel’s Player on Linux

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Why Linux?   Linux is definitely our favorite Operating System for digital signage.  Why? Because it’s fast, because it secure, control, privacy and a huge community of users who can answer any question you have.

Did I mention customizability? you can customize anything from look to function.  All of that you can run on tiny PCs (compute sticks) that you can purchase as low as $60!!!


Setting up Linux Players

There’re a few steps that you will need to perform to ensure that your Linux devices will run autonomously. The goal is to have minimal to no interaction with the device/screen once installed.

The following instructions will work with most Linux distributions.

1. Update your linux distribution: Open Terminal and run the following commands:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Run as root (admin) by using “sudo” before the command if you get an access error.

2.  Download and install CloudPixel’s player application.  Get the latest player from the Download page

3.  Auto login / disable login screen.  This step is to make sure that the computer doesn’t prompt for a username and password and proceeds directly into Linux.

go to Settings > User accounts, click “Unlock” and enter your password, then click the button next to “Automatic login”

4. Auto start the CloudPixel player at startup.
Open the Dash and search for “Startup Applications”. Click on Add and enter the command (location of the player). By default the player is installed in /user/local/bin/CloudPixelPlayer

5. Disable Suspend when inactive.
Settings → Power -> Suspend when inactive for : Don’t suspend

6. Disable Screen Lock and Screen Saver:
Go to Settings > Brightness & Lock
Turn screen off when inactive for: Never
Lock > OFF

7. Auto restart computer once a week. Even linux needs a restart once in awhile to free up resources. We think that once a week is more than enough but we will leave the frequency up to you. For that we will need to setup a cron job.

Open your terminal and type
Crontab -e
Add the following command to restart every sunday at 4:30 AM
30 4 * * 0 shutdown -r now

That’s all. Enjoy!!

Pre-Configured Intel Compute Stick

We have a pre-configured Intel Compute Stick to help you get started quickly with CloudPixel.

Get Started Quickly

With a pre-configured Intel Compute Stick you can be up and running in minutes. Simply plug this mini computer into your screen’s HDMI port, connect to your wireless network, enter your Display Activation Code into your CloudPixel account, and that’s it!!! You are done.

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