Store Owners

Do you want to know how to increase sales and cut cost?

Switch to digital signage

Don’t waste your time and money on printing signs and installations. On an average week about 30% of the hours worked in a retail store is spent on replacing signs and updating price tags. Break free out of this cycle by switching to digital signage where you can simply change your signs multiple times a day. NEVER PRINT A SIGN AGAIN.

7 Reasons to get CloudPixel

reduce complexity by switching now

  • Save on printing cost

    Also, reduce the wait time to zero; go from design to display directly.

  • Up sell & cross sell

    Increase sales by making suggestions to your customers.

  • Generate revenue

    From advertising products from your suppliers and vendors.

  • Save time

    On signs installations, labor and maintenance.

  • Reinforce your brand image

    Improve your customers in-store experience.

  • Central management

    Do you have multiple stores? Manage all your signs directly from the cloud with a few simple clicks

  • Dynamic & interactive signs

    Engage your customers with attractive content. Better yet, let them browse your inventory on the spot.