Make them Salivate

of Patrons

Report that food looks more appetizing on digital signs

A digital menu has a direct effect on the choices your patrons make while placing orders. It’s not a surprise that restaurants and bars are among the leading venues rolling out digital signs.

And now with CloudPixel, it’s much easier and cheaper to install and manage your own digital signs.

  • Increase the average order amount by suggesting appetizers, sides and desserts.
  • Custom-tailer your menu as often as you want. Effortlessly.
  • Entertain your patrons and keep them engaged through dynamic content.
  • Post information on upcoming deals and events.
  • Earn revenue from advertising products and services from your suppliers and vendors
  • Never print a sign again.

Why CloudPixel?

- Easy setup and management.
- Central control through the cloud platform.
- Free monthly media content for your screens.