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Being able to display an announcement or an ad on your digital sign is great, but what’s even better is to enable your customers to interact and share in the experience you create. Consider this, making the leap from a one-way communication channel to a bi-directional channel is what made social media successful. It’s time to do the same with your digital signs. Seriously, stop talking at your customers, and instead, have a conversation. Use touch screens.

Take a look at this amazing ad for the SocialSwipe. See how this video illustrate how the interactive experience successfully attracted and engaged the donors. It looks and feels amazing and best of all, it works.

At CloudPixel we realized that the digital signage industry hasn’t progressed much in the last few decades, and we wrote about that “An Industry Stuck in the 80s.” And in an effort to improve the industry we built this new kiosk prototype.

This prototype was designed with you and your customers in mind. We wanted you to be able to easily utilize the kiosk alongside the CloudPixel platform to engage your customers. From the height of the kiosk, the processing power of the computer inside to the new widgets available on CloudPixel’s platform, all designed for you to better interact with your customer.

This Kiosk is now being utilized by one of our hospital clients. We are producing 4 more for the same client. Do you want one, let us know:

Check out the Kiosk trip from JFK to CloudPixel’s labs

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