New Year. New Player


A lot has changed since we launched 3 years ago.  Technology has evolved, the industry has changed and most of all we have learned from you what you really want.  That's why we constantly rebuild and redesign.

Here's a Quick Summary of the Recent Updates: 

  • MP4 Full Screen

    MP4 videos now will play in full screen including non-native resolution videos. 

  • Interactive Sessions

    Statistics for touchscreen are now collected and displayed in the control panel under the devices section. If you are utilizing touchscreen you're now able to determine which screens are being used more and during what period of the day/week/month.

  • Bug Fixes

    Thank you for pointing out some of these bugs. We want you to rely on our platform and continue to make it brilliantly simple.  If something doesn't feel right, please let us know. 

Features requests, suggestions or if something doesn't feel right, please let us know.

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