It’s Vital for Nonprofits to Showcase the Value They Create

Nonprofit value

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Most nonprofits, especially charitable nonprofits rely upon the generosity of donors for their funding. And, fundraising is an activity of major importance to the nonprofit community. It’s vital for nonprofits to measure their performance, tell their stories, and show how effective and vital their work is to individuals and communities.

These are all important activities to encourage continual support for their nonprofits; whether with monetary donations, pro bono expertise, or volunteer service. Clearly, they need to showcase how specific gifts or donations are being utilized. What’s a better way to do all of that than to use Digital Signage?

Nonprofits can greatly benefit from digital sign installations in their offices as well as project sites. Digital signs enable nonprofit organizations to inform, promote and communicate current events and projects.

You have created an affordable solution for small businesses
and nonprofits to be able to use this technology. Up until now,
it has been out of reach for usKathy W., Ride On Center for Kids (ROCK), Georgetown TX

Here are a few examples of how to utilize digital signs to benefit your nonprofit:

  • Record a video where you ask a few recipients of your services to explain in their own words how your organization has changed their lives and to thank the donors for making it all possible.
  • Display results-oriented photos, share progress using personal opening in your video messages.
  • Display your website on the screen, better yet use touch screens to allow your visitors to interact with it.

Nonprofits are eligible for a 67% discount. With CloudPixel, you will pay only $5/month for each screen.

no annual contracts required.

**Eligible customers may receive retroactive discounts and credits on past and existing subscriptions. To request your credit or to request your discount, please sign up and then email us at Please include your website’s URL and/or your non-profit documentation to verify your status.

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We at Cloudpixel are very excited to be able to offer nonprofits and charities a discount on our digital signage service. The first device is always free; you will never be charged for it. Yes, 100% free. If you are going to utilized more than 1 screen, then it’s $5 per screen monthly.

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