Introducing the new Player (Engagement)

The new Players from CloudPixel

We’re excited to announce the new CloudPixel Player. A new player designed to enhance and improve your audience engagement and interaction.

We believe that there’s always room for improvement.

With the new player, you can create interactive digital signs using a touchscreen with just a few taps, and instantly improve audience interaction with your digital signs. How would you know if it has improved? Good Question! The new player records user interactions and send the stats to your account’s Control Panel.

Online/Offline Alerts

You will now get notified if any of your screens goes offline and when it comes back online.

We’ve also built a new ChromeOS player for touch screens. It’s Easy to Deploy; simply direct your audience to an existing online form, survey or any URL.

Learn more about the new ChromeOS player in the Chrome App Store

Pricing starts at FREE. Register now or or learn more about how to use CloudPixel by requesting a Demo

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