Can I use any Windows device?

Cloudpixel player is designed to run on Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows. We love compute sticks because of their size and ease of installation.
We recommend that you enable auto login and disable windows notifications. By default CloudPixel’s application runs at startup in full screen mode.
Also you might want to check Microsoft’s article on setting up kiosk mode in Windows 10:

Can I use an OSX device? How about Linux?

Yes, CloudPixel supports all MAC devices running OSX 10.9 or newer. As well as devices running Linux. We conduct most of our testing and QA on Ubuntu and Debian.

Where can I purchase the hardware from?

CloudPixel sells and manufacture customized hardware for some of its clients. However, you may purchase hardware from any of your favorite vendors. If you need help locating hardware, let us know.

What are the recommended displays?

Cloudpixel can run on any screen, TV, monitor, projector, you name it. We support different formats and resolutions, as well as vertical and horizontal screen orientations.

Can I use tablets?

Of course. A tablet is ideal for customer engagement and interaction activities, such as, searching inventory, surveying and collecting data from your customers.