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A Digital sign is any electronic display (LCD, LED, plasma display, tablet, projector, etc..) that is used to show Information, announcements, Advertisement or even Alerts. A restaurant might use it to show a menu or meal specials while a retail store might show discounts and advertise new merchandise. The uses and applications of digital signage are limitless. Use your imagination and put it to use.


Underneath, it's powered by capable global infrastructure

Underneath the flexible user interface lays a powerful redundant server grid. CloudPixel provides you with all the tools you need to effectively engage your audience without having to worry about the technical details. Simply drag and drop, a few clicks and your media is live.


Remote Management

Imagine being able to manage all your digital signs whether they are a few feet or 1,000s of miles away.
Let us do all the heavy lifting for you!

Effortless Collaboration

Easily share your slideshows with your team members securely. With team accounts you can invite up to 10 admins to mange resources and assign appropriate permission levels.

Easy Filtering with Tags

Easily organize and group your content and digital signs with tags. Target exactly what you want, without impacting other teammates.

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Custom Extensibility

We don’t only give you the tools to create and manage digital signs, we also show you how to best do it with expert advice.
Need customization? Need API functionality?
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