Common Display Challenges and How to Fix Them

So you’ve decided to deploy a new digital sign. Congratulations!!!
Although, it might be easy to roll out digital signs with CloudPixel, you may still experience a hardware related issue. We have compiled the following list of the five most common issues and how to fix them:

Problem 1: No Picture / Black Screen

Cause: This problem is commonly the result of a cabling issue.
Solution: Check if the cable is connected properly. Try using a shorter cable, if you are using a HDMI cable. If you are using a DVI display, check if the cable supports High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). Make sure the CloudPixel player device is powered up. Also, should check the input selection on your screen, make sure it’s set to the correct input.

Problem 2: White Noise

Cause: White noise is typically the result of using a display device that does not support HDCP.
Solution: Use a device that can support HDCP or switch your setup to use a HDMI cable. Test your content on a different display if you are not sure if your display supports HDCP.

Problem 3. Color Tint

Cause: This is a color encoding issue.  Often caused by using adaptors to convert from HDMI Source to a DVI display.
Solution:Try using HDMI cable (RGB color encoding) instead of component cable (YpbCr color encoding) or checking the device color and tint settings.

Problem 4: Flickering

Cause: Flickering is typically the result of of either very long cables, bad cables or radio frequency interference.
Solution: Replace your cable with a shorter certified HDMI cable.
Turn off the source of the radio interference to check if that’s the actual cause of the problem..

Problem 5: Sparkles

Cause: Typically the result of using low grade HDMI cable, or a cable that is too long.
Solution: Replace your cable with a shorter certified HDMI cable.

Happy Troubleshooting!!!

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