Is a good product good enough to yield customer adaptation?

User experience is more important than we think

Share with your friends and colleagues Let me remind you what happened back in 2013 when Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obama Care) website was first launched. It had some serious issues; nobody was able to compare plans before purchase, broken links and it took a couple of tries before you could submit a form. That website simply sucked!!! Not because it didn’t allow the public to purchase health care plans. It did in fact; 248 people had successfully enrolled by the end of the second day. The Act itself has indeed added value to the lives of millions of Americans …


Common Display Challenges and How to Fix Them

Cause: White noise is typically the result of using a display device that does not support HDCP. Solution: Use a device that can support HDCP or switch your setup to use a HDMI cable. Test your content on a different display if you are not sure if your display supports HDCP. Cause: This is a color encoding issue.  Often caused by using adaptors to convert from HDMI Source to a DVI display.Solution:Try using HDMI cable (RGB color encoding) instead of component cable (YpbCr color encoding) or checking the device color and tint settings. Happy Troubleshooting!!!