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Change Resistance – How to combat it within your organization?

In Content Idea, Media, Video by Ahmed Shafei

Share this Post Your organization is going through another change.  This is not a guess, but it’s reality.  Transformation is a vital tool allowing businesses to grow and become more profitable. However, change is often met with resistance due to the basic characteristics of change. Long-term transformations have three main Characteristics: The basic characteristics of change triggers fear and resistance among employees. Many fear the uncertainty, loss of control and doubt in one’s skills set to achieve the new goals. Although leaders can’t always comfort employees they can minimize discomfort. Every week, CloudPixel will post a motivational video that you …

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Save the trees and Bandwidth too!

In Green, Main by Ahmed Shafei

Share this Post Congratulations on your decision to save the trees by adapting a digital signage solution! Many organizations find themselves spending a lot less on signs, but spending a lot more on internet bandwidth to be able to support their digital signage network. For a retailer with many locations that cost can add up quickly. CloudPixel’s platform is bandwidth friendly. Both of our new players, Windows and Android, are designed to to use less bandwidth without skimping on the quality of the content. Here are three examples of how our players accomplish this: So what are you waiting for? …

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In Educational, nonprofit by Ahmed Shafei0 Comments

Share this Post We at Cloudpixel are very excited to be able to offer educational institutions, non-profits and charities a discount on our digital signage service. Eligible customers may receive retroactive discounts and credit on past and existing subscriptions. To request your credit or to request your discount, please sign up and then email us at Please include your website’s URL and/or your non-profit documentation to verify your status.

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In Educational, Setup, Video by Ahmed Shafei

Share this Post Setting up a digital sign should not be a mystery. There are only three main components to setting up any digital sign: The device that will show your signs. It can be a TV, Monitor, Tablet or a Projector. Will the display device be mounted to a wall, ceiling or as part of an existing fixture? Make sure that the mounting hardware you’re going to use is sufficient enough to support the weight of your display device. Your digital sign needs electricity to run. Wired or wireless. Publishing your media content to the screen will be transferred …