New Year. New Player

A lot has changed since we launched 3 years ago.  Technology has evolved, the industry has changed and most of all we have learned from you what you really want.  That’s why we constantly rebuild and redesign. MP4 videos now will play in full screen including non-native resolution videos.  Statistics for touchscreen are now collected and displayed in the control panel under the devices section. If you are utilizing touchscreen you’re now able to determine which screens are being used more and during what period of the day/week/month. Thank you for pointing out some of these bugs. We want you to …

Alexa Skill Can Save Lives!!

The population in the US is getting older; 40 Million Americans are now age 65 and older; about 1/3 of them live alone. For them, living independently shouldn’t mean to be alone especially when they need help. The skill is designed to reach out to caregivers (Children, Family, Friends, neighbors, etc…) when they need help and the phone is unreachable. Once set up, you can utter “Alexa, ask Care Assistant to call for help”. The skill will call your predefined contact on your behalf; she gives them your name, age, and address and ask for assistance. During the setup process, …

Happy and Engaging New Year

Happy New year
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past support and trust. Thanks for a great 2017! We can’t wait to see what you will do with your screens in 2018!! We wish you an Engaging and Creative 2018! From the CloudPixel Team

It’s Vital for Nonprofits to Showcase the Value They Create

Nonprofit value

Share this Post Most nonprofits, especially charitable nonprofits rely upon the generosity of donors for their funding. And, fundraising is an activity of major importance to the nonprofit community. It’s vital for nonprofits to measure their performance, tell their stories, and show how effective and vital their work is to individuals and communities. These are all important activities to encourage continual support for their nonprofits; whether with monetary donations, pro bono expertise, or volunteer service. Clearly, they need to showcase how specific gifts or donations are being utilized. What’s a better way to do all of that than to use …

One Tip to Improve Customers’ Engagement

Public Signs

Share this Post Being able to display an announcement or an ad on your digital sign is great, but what’s even better is to enable your customers to interact and share in the experience you create. Consider this, making the leap from a one-way communication channel to a bi-directional channel is what made social media successful. It’s time to do the same with your digital signs. Seriously, stop talking at your customers, and instead, have a conversation. Use touch screens. Take a look at this amazing ad for the SocialSwipe. See how this video illustrate how the interactive experience successfully …

A day in the life of a Solutions Architect

A day in the life of a Solutions Architect

Share this Post I was sitting down at my desk working, when I received the IM. I was super excited; I advocated for making this Kiosk prototype. I had spent nights working with the vendor in China. It was my baby project. I dialed the phone number immediately. And it kept on Ringing, no one picked up. I called again in 30 minutes, then in an hour then every 15 minutes. The phone kept on ringing and no one ever picked up. I did some research online and found out that the airport cargo office opens at 7:00 in the …

Get Inspired with Unsplash

High Resolution Photos

Share this Post What makes this photo so special, is that not only is it a breathtaking site to behold, but it’s also free to use! There are many types of free-use sites out there which provide you with a plethora of free images and video to use on your next project. Heck, we’ve even blogged about a few of them before: But, what makes Unsplash so unique is that it holds some of the best high-res imagery we’ve seen! Go check them out, and don’t be shy; grab all the content you need for your digital signs. All images …


Thank You for the New Features

Never print a sign again

Share this Post We want to start by saying THANK YOU.  Without you we wouldn’t have been able to get it done.  It’s a huge step and we were able to pull it all together successfully.  It took thousands of hours, sweat and even tears to get it done.  Again,  Thank you… You are the cornerstone and the main reason why we succeeded in doing it.  Oh, and we’re pretty sure you’re asking what “It” is? Based on your comments, and ALL of your suggestions, as well as reported bugs and the frustrations you have expressed to us. Based on …


Scheduled Upgrade: Sunday, 4/30/17 From 9:00 – 10:00 PM EST

Platform updates

Share this Post During this maintenance window the CloudPixel development team will be performing a code upgrade. This is a major code upgrade to enhance CloudPixel’s platform, add functionality and comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Expected Impact: We expect the impact of this maintenance to be disruptive and you may experience an outage. To minimize the effect of this upgrade please download and install the latest player from our download page, which will be available on Friday 4/28. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact support. You may also schedule …