About CloudPixel

CloudPixel was founded in New York City on the belief that technology should be a commodity that is continuously improving people’s lives.

We are committed to simplifying technology and building products that everyone loves and can easily utilize.

Our team brings decades of experience from the media and technology industries. We take pride in our products and make every effort to provide powerful tools that are easy to use.

A lot of resources are spent on printing signs. The cost associated with printing signs, the wait time for signs to be delivered, the labor and time required for installations and even the recycling of old signs adds to the business overhead. At CloudPixel we strive to eliminate all that waste. Our clients are able to go from the design phase directly to the publishing phase within seconds.

Until now, the process of installing and managing a digital signage network has been expensive and cumbersome. CloudPixel puts the tools in your hands to do just that at a minimal cost and with ease. Let us show you how

Our user-friendly and intuitive platform makes it super easy for anyone with no technical background to create engaging and attention grabbing slideshows.  It also allows for seamless management of the distribution channels.

The added feature of displaying animations and videos allows marketers to better convey their messages.
Drop us a line if you are interested in:

– Distribution partnership.
– Investment opportunities.
– Education licensing.
– Non-profit discounts.

Reach us at info@cloudpixel.com



  • Strive for simplicity
  • Improve lives
  • Share the knowledge
  • Preserve the environment for future generations