50 Shades of the Same Color

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It’s one thing to have a digital sign installed in your business (or home), but it’s another to have engaging content on it. I pass by a church on 43rd street and 5th ave in New York City almost everyday. The church made an excellent decision 3 years ago when they installed two digital signs visible to the passersby on the street.

The church management made the right investment and purchased excellent commercial TVs suitable for the outdoor lighting. Which they followed up with another excellent decision and hired a professional animator to make custom videos for their screens. The created content was amazing. Enchanting even!

I learned later, that the church utilizes offline network media players to drive the content to the screens. When I heard that, I knew what will happen next… Content will rarely get updated. But I was wrong.

The content was never updated. The same videos have been playing in a loop for THREE years! Most pedestrians just walked by the screens without looking at them. I imagine if the content was ever updated or changed no one will notice. Everyone has already been unintentionally programmed to ignore the content on the screens after seeing the same thing on them over and over again for years. What a waste.

The three components of any successful digital signage installation are:
  • Hardware (screens and content players)
  • Software (which is used to manage the hardware and the content)
  • And last, but certainly not least, is the content itself!

Unlike the hardware and the software, content needs to be constantly updated. In this blog post series I will share with you some of the tools and creative ideas our community uses to generate engaging content. This week’s tool is “Brand Colors”….


Brand Colors is a website that provides you with the color codes used by the most famous brands. From Microsoft in technology, to Boeing in Aviation. Even fast food companies are listed. So if you are ever creating graphics and want to use your vendor’s colors, don’t guess. Go to BrandColors.com

Official color codes for

Also, check out our posts for more content tools and tips. If you’re looking to install a digital sign, or create engaging content, we can help!

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