25 percent of Patients will leave their Healthcare Providers.

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Promoting loyalty with patients is more important than ever. According to industry reports, the average private practice will lose about 25% of its existing patients.
Surprisingly enough, patients seldom leave a practice because of doubts in the doctor’s skill set, but most often due to frustrations with office staff, procedures and WAIT TIME.

Waiting in a waiting room is the most dissatisfying experience in the life-cycle of a patient’s treatment.

All practices place magazines and reading materials in waiting rooms to entertain their patients. However, magazines are not efficient enough in educating, entertaining or even to alleviate stress.

By providing relevant dynamic content you are more likely to engage your patients. And the way to do that is by utilizing Digital Signage. CloudPixel’s Digital Signage solution can increase your patient retention, satisfaction level and overall experience.

Why use CloudPixel?

  • Reduce patients anxiety by providing entertaining content
  • Reduce paper waste and printing costs
  • Educate patients about existing and new services
  • Display doctors’ availability and hours of operations
  • Provide tips on living a healthy lifestyle
  • Generate revenue by advertising your vendors